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Sky Bet Redesign

I haven’t been paying attention but at some point in the last few months Skybet have implemented some major changes to their website and they are definitely for the better. The deeper integration of content works well although it would be nice to see the Sky Player (their video streaming) in the main page. It is a simpler look with fewer grids and columns on the home page. The focus is on the big events and upcoming events. The single image provides a strong focus on the key events. It seems that the 80 million or so spent on 365 media is starting to be put to work.

I still struggle with adding bets to “the basket” along with my quarter pound of tomatoes. The live betting doesn’t deliver the goods but I’m sure that is being looked at.

Top site though. Well thought through and it has addressed some of the weaknesses of the previous home page.

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For a company as big as Skybet their sit still remains a pretty poor offering compared to some of the other bookies efforts, even with these enhancements.

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