The Best iPhone Betting Experience is the Bet365 App

The bet365 app offers the best iPhone betting experience of all the sportsbooks we’ve looked at.

This is the company we who regularly feature in the top 3 sportsbooks whenever we do a review. So when Bet365 announce they have a new iPhone app we expect to be surprised. But this time they have excelled themselves with an app that offers all the best bits of the main website including live streaming video.

The application is available on the iTunes App Store. You will only be able to use it to place a bet in regulated countries. The App is available in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden. The app is very fast and is a good way to keep up with live scores even if you don’t bet. If you do open an account and deposit some money you can even watch live streaming on 40,000 events every year – on your iPhone. That is a great feature before you even spend a penny.

The application features live streaming video, live scoreboards and real-time updates of live sport, point by point visualisations, a sweet betslip and some sweet user interface touches that keep Bet365’s reputation for simplicity, great content and delivering what punters want.

Go to Bet365 on your mobile and register on your mobile to get the bonus offer and then go to the App Store and download it.

Bet365 launch new football live betting app

Bet365 Live Betting Bet In Play

Bet365 have launched a great new version of their bet in play application. It’s simpler but more powerful with some nice features if you have a large monitor and want a widescreen betting layout. If you want to do some live football betting and watch a video stream then you can change the layout of the app to put the video next to the markets.

The smart guys at bet365 have also added favourites. You can star your favourite events so that they appear on top of the list. There’s also a nice audio streaming player for your live commentaries and off course, the live scores and stats up top.

As always, check them out for yourself. They are the best.

The best sportsbook for live betting: Bet365


Back in 2009 I created a survey that you can see on this page (below if you are reading on a mobile device). It was a simple question – which online sportsbook offers the best live betting website. After months of voting by people like you – punters and sports fans – the results are clear. One site stands out from the rest and they went on to hold that lead through 2010 and 2011. We’ll see what happens next. Read on for more details and cast your own vote in the live poll on the right of the page.

It’s a simple question – which online sportsbook offers the best live betting website. After 8 months the results are plainly obvious and the winner is Bet365 by a long shot. Taking 30% of the vote in a crowded and competitive market is no mean feat.

Poll results: The best in live betting

So what is it about Bet365 that allow them this lead? Why do you like them so much? From chatting to punters, reading comments and from working in the industry and speaking to companies who work with them, the answer as far as I can see is three-fold:

  1. They do the simple things really well. They have a great range of events to bet on. The site is easy to use and live betting is placed centre stage and has been for some years.
  2. They think for themselves. Bet365 know what they want and act on it. They don’t follow. When the rights to live streaming video were offered to bookmakers 365 were one of the first to offer it to customers. They got maximum value from the deal – punters loved it. There seems to be a simple simple strategy, well executed. Give the customers what they want and keep doing it.
  3. They move quickly and decisively. Being the 1st to offer live streaming video has more of an impact on the bottom line than being the 10th.

What does this mean? It means you’ll get a great experience on There’s always some sport to watch and you’ll get the latest scores for the games that do not have video. You’ll be spoilt for choice and looked after well by one of Britain’s largest private companies. It’s that simple. Except it’s not. And that’s why their competitors are sometimes struggling to keep up. If you haven’t used them, go and take a look

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The best live betting sites

Betfair on Ipad live betting

You stumbled on this website because you have an interest in live betting. Before you go on your way take a look at the poll on this page. Who has the best live betting experience? I figured Betfair would win just for the breadth of coverage but the user experience is continuously improving. Bet365 have to be a strong contender as well. What’s your opinion? Is live video streaming important or do you just want best price?

I’d really appreciate your vote and you can leave a comment at the end of this post if you like on why you made your choice. Many thanks…