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The Best Mobile Betting Apps

We can’t ignore it any longer – the mobile smartphone has taken over as the weapon of choice for in play betting on football and everything else. Many sportsbooks take 50% or more of their turnover on mobile and it is greater for in play.

So over the next few weeks we’ll be adding more and more tips, reviews and links to the best live betting apps in the market. We’ve also redesigned this site to work better on your smartphone.

So, as a starter, we’ll add a few of our favourite apps – William Hill have the best mobile website, Bet365 have the best iPhone app and they are the best for live betting. We have more to come.

Betfair on Ipad live betting

Betting on iPad3 quickly suspended

Skybet opened then quickly closed betting markets on the new iPad3. According to 9to5Mac the company quickly took a few “chunky three figure” best on the markets and shut it down.

Betting on iPad3

Betting on iPad3 - source: 9to5Mac

Putting aside whether a three figure bet qualifies as chunky, this is an example of bookmakers hoping for a headline at a small cost. I’m guessing their liabilities are less than £5k.

9to5Mac made an interesting comment that suggested this was all a bit sad:

Sadly, this isn’t a joke. SkyBet, part of the UK’s Sky network (News Corp.) is taking bets on iPad 3 specs.  I imagine 9to5Mac readers and Apple employees could make some extra money on this if it is legal in your area.

Surely all those knowledgeable Mac fans would be happy to take a few quid from Skybet? Nothing sad about that.

Bet365 Live Betting Bet In Play

Bet365 launch new football live betting app

Bet365 have launched a great new version of their bet in play application. It’s simpler but more powerful with some nice features if you have a large monitor and want a widescreen betting layout. If you want to do some live football betting and watch a video stream then you can change the layout of the app to put the video next to the markets.

The smart guys at bet365 have also added favourites. You can star your favourite events so that they appear on top of the list. There’s also a nice audio streaming player for your live commentaries and off course, the live scores and stats up top.

As always, check them out for yourself. They are the best.

Betfair launch new in-play live betting app

Betfair have finally upgraded their live betting interface with a new section on the web site called “in-Play”. It gets it’s own dedicated tab.

The live betting pages offer a simpler interface with integrated video and live scores. Markets are grouped (which we like) and generally it’s far less cluttered than the full exchange view. It’s especially good for football live betting.

Latest live betting news from the World Cup – Totesport

There’s been a lot going on with new live betting and in-play websites from Victor Chandler, Totesport, Coral and more. I’ll keep adding what I can over the next few weeks.

There’s been a lot of change at Totesport and as part of a full website redesign they have enhanced the bet in play features with live scores, commentary, stats and more. Take a look for yourself or there is a video on Youtube: